Benin city don host e third BT/Road X motor racing competition for Nigeria

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Dis na di BT/Road X motor racing championship for 2018

Pipo wey dey gbadun motor and bike racing wella no go quick forget di last Saturday of November 2018.

Na di final of BT/Road X 2018 competition wey cari different kain pipo descend di Evbuobanosa race track for Benin - Asaba expressway for e third motor racing competition.

Image copyright Rotimi Rex Akinseye

Dis competition na Okao 'Motor' Uduagbon, president for motor sports club for Nigeria, first cari come in 2015.

Uduagbon achieve im life dream wen im build Nigeria first race track three years ago on top 130 acres of land for Orhionmwon Local Government Area for Edo state, south south Nigeria.

For di racers wey fall in from all over Nigeria come di competition, dis na day dem don dey wait since di beginning of di year.

Image copyright Rotimi Rex Akinseye
Image example Di winners of di 600cc bike race category

Weda you be bike or motor racer, you suppose do qualifier afta qualifier wey dey start for February evri year.

Racers dey collect point until di final show down race for November wey go decide di winner, di pesin wey get points pass.

Na four main competitions happun for race day 24th November; BT 600cc and BT 1000cc super bike race category plus two motor category for Road X and Supercar.

Palestinian-Nigerian Jack 'Airbenda' Afara try wella wen im defend im crown wey Robson Omoseye wan collect for di Road X event. Afara tok say na passion dey cari dem come di track evri year.

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Motor racing for Nigeria don enta gear 4 wit tear rubber race track

Ahmed 'Al Pacino' Mohammed make am hat trick afta im become di first Nigerian to win back to back accolade for di men's 600cc category while Argotio 'Argo' Raak na im gbab di 1000cc crown.

One pesin wey impress di audience na Aisha 'Flygirl' Vatsa wey begin for back of di grid for 9th position but she race wit her heart sotay she finish 3rd overall for di 600cc category.

Vatsa wey happi tok say she fell like say nutin for dis life fit do me again, 'I come, l see am, l take am'.

24/7 Racing na di team wey e racers win pass for di finals, na dia Vatsa, Mohammed and Raak be members.

Image copyright Rotimi Rex Akinseye
Image example Jack 'Airbenda' Afara and Robson Omoseye wen land 1st and 2nd position for di Road X car race event

Future of motor racing for Nigeria

No be lie say motor racing for Nigeria don dey climb gear.

Uduagbon tell BBC Pidgin say, ''As we don organise dis year competition wella, organisers of Kenya car racing don challenge us make we do West Africa versus East Africa Championship for 2019''.

Uduagbon say im believe if goment, big companies and odas fit invest moni inside motor sport, e fit blow for di kontri.

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