Shiites: Hundreds of Shia don begin protest again for Abuja, Nigeria

Hundreds of Shia don begin protest again for Abuja

Hundreds of Shia protesters enta streets of Nigerian capital Abuja on Friday afternoon to again demand di release of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

Dis Friday makeam forty days since Shiite members claim say Nigeria army kill more than 50 of dia members wen dem enta road for October 27, 29-30 to do 'I no go gree' on top dia leader Ibrahim El Zakzaky, wey goment lock for prison since 2015.

Abdullahi Mohammed Musa, di secretary of di Academic Forum of di Islamic Movement of Nigeria bin tell BBC Pidgin tori pesin Onyinye Chime say, part of dia plan for di protest be say, dem go carri di foto of all di pipo wey army kee on dat day enta road as evidence, since army say na only three dem kee.

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Shiites members say dem no mind to die for protest.

Times wen Shiites don kwanta wit Nigeria security agents

13 December, 2015 - Nigeria Army bin raid di house of IMN leader and tori be say more dan 300 pipo die - including three of El-Zakzaky pikin, and dem arrest and detain El-Zakzaky and im wife.

7 January - 2018 - Two students die for di hand of security forces during protest Zakzaky release for Kaduna, northern Nigeria.

16 April, 2018 - Tori be say at least one pesin die and plenti injure afta members of IMN follow police clash for Unite Fountain, Abuja, di kontri capital. IMN accuse police say dem use live bullets and tear gas to by force scatter dia protest for di release of dia leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky.

23 April, 2018 - Police in FCT Abuja, di kontri capital clash wit members of IMN afta dem carri protest go di National Human Rights Commission to demand release of dia leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky. Authorities arrest 115 members of di joinbodi.

October 27, 29-30: Army kill Shiites for kwanta wit soldiers inside Abuja

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