Ghana Foreign Ministry remove Mahatma Gandhi statue from University campus afta protests say he be 'racist'

Ghana Foreign Ministry remove Mahatma Gandhi statue from University campus Image copyright Emmanuel Dzivenu/JoyNews

University of Ghana Authorities on Thursday remove statue of India Independence leader, Mahatma Gandhi which dem mount for di school afta massive online protest by some lecturers who argue say Gandhi be racist.

Dem start plus online protest around 2016 wen former India former president Pranab Mukherjee outdoor am as global peace icon for University of Ghana campus top.

Di lecturers argue say some of Gandhi en writings dey suggest say Indians be "infinitely superior" to black Africans, so dem no want see en statue for campus.

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Image example Leader of di lecturers wey dey protest climb ontop wia Ghandi statue bin dey stand

Registrar for University of Ghana, Mercy Haizel-Aisha release press statement today inform di University say Ministry of Foreign Affairs remove di Gandhi statue from campus.

"We no fit have racist person statue for wana campus sake of he be racist, sake of statue be honourable thing, so if Gandhi be racist them en statue for the University go mean say we dey project den tins" Nana Adoma Asare Adei, one law student for University of Ghana campus, wey BBC Pidgin tok plus.

Dis exercise dey follow di Ministry of Foreign Affairs dema promise in 2016 say dem go relocate di statue after controversial start around am.

Image copyright Ghana Foreign Ministry remove Mahatma Gandhi statu

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