Kano mass wedding: Why goment dey beg big men to marry more wives

Women for mass wedding ceremony
Image example Na for 2011 Kano goment start to dey sponsor mass weding

Kano state goment for North West Nigeria dey beg big men wey dey loaded for area to marry more wives join di ones dem get.

One of di committee member inside di mass marriage wey goment dey plan do for Kano, Sheik Ibrahim Daurawa, tell BBC Pidgin say di reason why dem dey beg big men for society to come marry wife na because say na religious duty.

For 2011 di state goment begin dey sponsor mass wedding pay dowry and provide free room furniture to couples wey no fit afford am.

Daurawa wey also be di Commander General for di state hisbah board tok say unlike pipo wey no get money wey di state go pay dia dowry and buy furniture for dem, di big men no need dat one so di state no go give dem free.

"Any big man be it professor abi lawyer wey use im eye select one of our potential brides na im money e go use do everything, di goment assistance na for poor pipo wey no get means of marrying."

"Also, remember say marriage na religious duty so big man or small man suppose uphold am. For di big men di problem wey dem dey face be say dem don dey with one wife for 20 or 30 years so to add go be problem since di first wife go don create her own goment." Na so Daurawa tok.

Di cleric tok say di 23 man committee go meet on Thursday to set date for the mass marriage wey di whole 44 local goment go get representative inside di 3000 divorcees and spinsters wey dey ground.

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