2018 highlights: EFCC I don show, Iberiberism, and oda tins wey Nigerian politicians do dis year wey totori pipo

Wike and Fani-Kayode wey escort Fayose warn di EFCC make dem no maltreat di former Govnor.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Wike and Fani-Kayode wey escort Fayose warn di EFCC make dem no maltreat di former Govnor.

Nigerian politicians make news well-well for 2018.

If no be tins wey dem do, na tins wey de say to shock pipo, make some laff and vex odas.

Pipo like to tink say dia politicians na pipo wey dem fit look up to for society, dem be leaders, dem suppose know book well well, so evritin dem tok or do suppose make sense. Abi e no suppose?

Make we remind una some of di obgonge times wen politicians totori pipo, for Nigeria for 2018.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis no be di first time President Buhari go give im kontri pipo bad mouth wen im go abroad

#LazyNigerianYouths - Muhammadu Buhari / April 2018

Na for Commonwealth Business Forum for London wia Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari go afta dem ask am one question naim ansa say Nigerian youths too like awoof. Na dis one make pipo carri enta social media form di hashtag as protest to show say no be say dem lazy, na di kontri no dey epp dem.

Iberiberism - Rochas Okorocha / May 2018

We enta Eastern part of Nigeria for dis one - go Imo State wia di governor dia Rochas Okorocha build big-big statue up and dan to celebrate foreigners. For one interview with local tori pipo Channels TV, Okorocha give one ansa wey go like dis: 'What if you come to my state, I don collect N500 billion and only tin I fit show you na borehole... for me dat na wetin I call Iberiberism.

Am in pains - Ayodele Fayose / July 2018

Politicians dalso cry. Di former Ekiti State govnor fit prove am. For PDP rally, Fayose show for television with bandage for neck, dey cry seriously say policeman beat am.

Transmission, Transmission - Ibrahim Idris / May 2018

Nigeria Inspector General of Police struggle to read im speech during one commissioning.

As oga Idris tok dey go, na so e hook for one sentence wey di word 'transmission' full.

11 hours on top tree - Dino Melaye / July 2018

Former APC now PDP politician, oga Melaye tell tori pipo how im fitness save im life during one attack for Abuja, di kontri capital. He say some bad pipo block am for road as im dey travel go Lokoja, Kogi State and dem try to kill am. But e manage escape climb tree to hide as im dey look from top how di bad pipo no see am kill.

Melaye say na 11 hours im do inside di tree.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Even though dis one na December 2017, who fit forget ministry of happiness wey from no Imo State Govnor Rochas Okorocha form

EFCC I don show - Ayodele Fayose / October 2018

Oga Fayose return to dis list afta EFCC declare say as im no be Govnor again, dem ready to nack corruption charge on am. When di former govnor go land EFCC headquarters for Abuja, e wear black shirt wey on top, e write "EFCC I am here".