Goment don take over for organise 'Miss Cameroon' beauty pageant afta scandals

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Wia dis foto come from, ISSOUF SANOGO

Cameroon goment, through culture ministry don decide for take over de concept and organisation for beauty pageant "Miss Cameroon".

"Dis option with instruction from de highest authority na because some scandals dis past year put bad mark for de organisation for dis event", Prof. Narcisse Mouelle Kombi culture minister write for release.

Before goment make dis announce, na one woman, Ingrid Amougou, bin bi president for organisation for Miss Cameroon, weh deh di call'am COMICA.

So, Culture Minister explain say de main reason na for save image for dis event, weh na window for Cameroon culture, with First Lady Chantal Biya as matron. E say de event don always get goment e financial and material support.

'We don inform de organiser for COMICA and even if deh register de concept for African Intellectual Property Right Organisation as individual and e no bi again private property.

Audrey Aboula, former contestant weh e don write book and e bin tok for BBC News Pidgin weh e komot de book, bin tok e suffer for become Miss Cameroon, tok weti e check for dis mata.

E say e fight bin be na for only protect young girls (ngondere) dem weh deh di take part for dis beauty pageant.

De fight na only make deh give value and respect ngondere dem, make dem know dia rights but no bi for glad for some oda pesin e badluck.

Ingrid Amogou tell BBC News Pidgin say e no understand why deh go take away concept weh na yi create'am.

"Deh di just seize'am because ah register de concept for African Intellectual Property Organisation, and deh no say de go pay me back", e add.