Zeal Akaraiwai: Di Angel wey dey use secret pay pipo hospital moni


For Nigeria, na only tintini service for hospital dey free and if you do di one wey no free and no fit pay, dem no go let you commot.

For kontri wey dey very religious, na God pipo dey hope to sort dem out.

Zeal Akaraiwai no be angel - im get fine black Mercedes, wey clean and be tear rubber. Di 40 something year old man come down for him car for hospital car park and workers come greet am. Afta, im ask dem for di list.

On top paper wey dem print na di names of patients for hospital wey dem wan discharge but no fit go house because dem no fit pay dia bills.

Zeal don meet pipo wey dem don make stay for hospital six to eight weeks afta dem don discharge dem. Some hospitals don make way wey dem fit pay monthly but sometimes di first money wey dem go drop go too plenty.

As im dey waka around di hospital, Zeal dey listen to wetin di workers dey tok about di pesin wey dem wan go meet. Dem carry am go di bed of di patient and di guy get serious bandage around him thigh. Zeal ask am wetin happun to am and di young man wey be barber tok say dem shoot am but im know no di pesin. Di guy also tell Zeal say im dey hope say God go help am pay im hospital moni.

Afta Zeal follow am tok small, im ask di nurse wey dey around how much di moni be. Dem tell am and im tok say im go pay am so di patient go fit go house.

Di thing be say Zeal no dey tok to di pipo wey im help afta im don do am. E no even wan make dem tell am thank you. E want make dem go spread di news say wen dem dey hospital, angel come pay dia moni and commot. Na why im call am di 'Angel Project.'

For Zeal, to dey pay pipo hospital moni na part of di way wey im dey live as Christian. Im wan show pipo say everybodi fit do something to help anoda pesin.

Some members of im family and friends dey give am moni to help with di payment. Im dey keep di receipts for inside black book alongside di information of di pipo.

For di women ward, dem carry Zeal go see woman wey dey her 60s but get stroke. Di social workers want make him pay her bill so dem go move am go wia dem go give her special treatment. Afta im leave her bed, di woman pikin come follow am tok. Zeal ask am some kweshuns and e be like say even if im pay dis moni, di situation go still dey terrible even if she live. Im tell di woman pikin say im sorry and she go back meet her mama.

Zeal get rule say im no dey pay for pipo wey get serious ongoing sickness. Na only those wey don ready to go house na im e dey pay for but im also tok say sometimes im dey change mind.

Di Angel Project also pay for pesin wey need leg ulcer operation and im also wan know about di 10 year old pikin wey need surgery for inside belle. Im don pay for di treatment and im go do am till di pikin go house. Di social worker tell am say di pikin dey alright. Im don meet di girl before but im tok say im no wan meet her again because she get him pikin eye.

Afta Zeal visit everyone wey dey di list, im go meet di cashier to pay di moni. Im tok say di work wey im dey do for di hospital dey always make am sad sotey e dey vex for goment failure.

"Di fact say pesin like me, dey enta hospital pay pipo hospital moni show say injustice dey dis system. I no see why we no get proper health insurance. We get ogbonge pipo wey fit come up with ideas wey fit work," Zeal tok.

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

For Nigeria only 5% of pipo get health insurance. Pipo no too sure because of di gap between rich and poor pipo and all di poor pipo wey goment gats take care of. But Zeal no get time.

"Every week I dey see how lack of health insurance dey affect pipo, and how dem dey die. So wia we want put di price of human life?"

Pishure dem na by Grace Ekpu except wia we tok otherwise