'Logo Benz' by Lil Kesh and Olamide dey promote yahoo-yahoo and blood money?

Olamide and Lil Kesh

Wia dis foto come from, Instagram/lilkeshofficial and baddosneh

Some Nigerians for social media don hala say di new music - 'Logo Benz' wey Nigeria singer Lil Kesh featuring Olamide release dey promote yahoo-yahoo and blood money.

Inside di lyrics of di song, di singers say tins like: 'I dey pray to Jesus, 'K'owo wo le o! If money no enter, I go do blood money oh!' 'I dey pray to Allah, 'K'owo wo le o! If money no enter, I go do blood money oh!'

But Olamide don come out for twitter to defend di 'Logo Benz' song say, e dey use am tok about wetin dey happun for di society and di behaviour of youths (runs girls and runs boys).

But im explanation no dey enof for pipo, wey still tok dia mind about wetin dem feel say di song mean.

One pesin for social media wey tok im mind about di song even call di attention of Nigeria police to invite Olamide and Lil Kesh on top dis mata.

According to pesin wey dey speak Yoruba, 'K'owo wo le o' inside di song means 'give me money.'

One line for di song start wit words 'Pull your pant give dem' for Yoruba language.

Before now, report of ladies pants wey dem dey tiff and sell for big amount of money don bin dey fly upandan for some parts of Nigeria. Accuse of say dem dey use di pants for money rituals and odas tins also still dey ground.

As some Nigerians dey complain, odas dey wey feel say notin dey bad inside di song.

No be today wey some pipo for Nigeria dey complain about some songs wey dey promote bad-bad tins like yahoo-yahoo. Pipo don complain about songs like; Yahoozee by Olu Maintain, Maga don pay' by Kelly Handsome, I go chop your dollar by Nkem Owoh and some odas.