International Emmy Awards: Mo Abudu don become Academy director

Mo Abudu

Wia dis foto come from, Twitter/@MoAbudu

Ogbonge Nigeria media oga Mo Abudu, don become director for di International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, di pipo wey dey do di International Emmy Awards.

Abudu na di CEO of EbonyLife feem and TV wey base for Nigeria and wey don produce some ogbonge fem dem like Wedding Party, Fifty and Chief Daddy.

Di International Emmy na di join bodi wey dey recognise and award di best Television programs outside America.

Na ontop Instagram Abudu tell pipo di message.

"Dis appointment sweet me for belle as e go make people see our work for around di world. As I don become member of di board, I go dey among 100 Directors who be ogas of different media house for across d world"

"For dem to approve me as director na great tin because we need seat for table when dem dey make important decisions about our industry. I dey grateful to di Academy for di confidence wey dem get in me." Na Abudu tok for Instagram.

Di International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences dey help bring obonge media and entertainment pipo from around di world and dem get over 700 members from 60 kontris.