Anglophone crisis: Cameroon forces say deh kill key Ambazonia fighter

Soldier dey pose with gun

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Cameroon goment forces don confam say deh kill key Ambazonia fighter, General Ivo weh e control fighters for ground and two oda fighters.

Army say na for morning taim dis number 21 day for December deh attack de separatists for dia camp for Teke near Kumba for Southwest region.

BIR forces weh deh attack de Ambazonia forces say de ring leader for de 'terrorist' group general Ivo die for de battle and e die body dey for their camp.

De take de die bodi for check e identity well before deh bury'am because deh don announce plenti taim say dis popular general Ivo bin don die.

De separatists di craiy die for dia general and deh don also appoint different pesin, General Efang for replace general Ivo.

For for e Facebook post Cho Ayaba Lucas put message for chairman for Ambazonia Defence Council, Benedict Kuah with de announce.

For some taim now plenti tori dey how separatists fighters di kidnap pipo torture dem , ask for moni.

Tori be say goment forces too kill, burn villages and de population dey for middle.

Rights group Centre for Human Rights and Democracy for Africa, CHRDA, say de number for pipo weh deh run di, increase every day.

Norwegian Refugee Council say 430, 000 pipo run, some dey for bush for seka insecurity.

De Anglophone Crisis turn be na fight between goment forces and separatists fighters and plenti pipo don die, civilians and soldiers.