‘'Education no be finish line, l blow wen l find handwork"

If na for education mata, Miss Barbara Okereke sabi book di way Cristiano Ronaldo sabi football.

Anambra state University for South East Nigeria, nai first nack Okereke wit bachelor’s degree for electrical and electronics engineering before Coventry University for UK sama am wit first class master’s degree for oil and gas management.

Afta she return back from obodo oyibo for 2015 wit tear rubber MBA to find job, work no gree show. Di days turn to weeks, weeks enta months and still job scarce like empty front seat for Christmas service.

Dis na wetin ginger Okereke to go school again to learn new skill but dis time instead make she invest plenti years for class, she say make she do only two weeks course for cake school, her plan na to use dis skill do small part time business to keep am busy.

Two years later, Okereke don turn full time cake oga wit her own company Oven Secret and plenti pipo dey follow am for social media.

Barbara tell BBC say sometimes she dey make up to 36 cakes per month for clients both corporate, celebrities or evri day pipo.