Atiku Abubakar don gree say im no call soja wife wey Boko Haram kill as im bin claim


Wia dis foto come from, Atiku

Wetin we call dis foto,

Atiku Abubakar na former vice president for Nigeria

Nigeria presidential candidate of Atiku Abubakar say true true, im no tok for phone wit wife of late Lt. Col Ibrahim Sakaba.

Lt. Col Ibrahim Sakaba na one of di 44 soldiers Boko Haram kill for di attack on 157 Task Force Battalion for Metele, Borno State.

Atiku bin post for twitter on Sunday say im telephone di late colonel wife.

But by Monday, local tori pipo begin report say Atiku no tok to madam Sakaba at all at all, and she "dey surprised why im go lie"

For inside im apology wey in put for statement, Atiku describe di whole situation as "erroneous communication."

Im tok say ova di weekend im staff give am numbers of madam Sakaba and Maryam wey be di younger sister of di late soldier.

But instead di late officer wife, na Maryam di sista im tok to as madam Sakaba number no go through.