Terrence Howard propose to im ex-wife Mira Pak, 3yrs afta dem divorce.

Howard and Pak
Wetin we call dis foto,

Terrance Howard and Mira Pak bin marry for 2013 but two of dem come quietly separate two years later.

American actor Terrance Howard wey act Lucious inside Empire series don ask im ex-wife, Miranda Pak to be im wife once again, 3years afta dem divorce.

Di TV and movie actor use seven-carat diamond engagement ring wey worth $1m take propose give Miranda wey also be di mama of im two youngest sons- Qirin (3 years) and Hero (2 years).

Terrence, wey go turn 50 years next year March propose give Mira during one dinner wit dia loved ones for Crustacean Beverly Hills.

"We get idea of how long we tink say life go be, but we know how short e fit be."

"E take me 45 years to find you, but now wey I don get you, in my fiftieth year, I go spend di rest of eternity by your side."

"I pray make everybody find dat pesin wey go complete dem for all eternity." Na so Howard tok inside video e post ontop Instagram

Di actor also share foto of di moment wey tears begin comot from Mira eyes as e put di ring for her finger again.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Dis no be di first time Terrence dey remarry im ex-wife

Terrance and Mira wey be former model and restaurant owner bin marry for 2013 but two of dem separate quietly two years later.

Dia divorce news land tori pipo mouth for 2015, during court case between Terrence and im former wife Michelle Ghent, as dem dey battle on top support money. Im and Ghent marry for just one year until dem separate for 2011.

Wetin we call dis foto,

After Howard and Pak divorce, two of dem reconciled, and become friends since

Dis no be di first time Terrence dey remarry im ex - wife, e don also exchange vows twice wit im first wife Lori McCommas. Dem first wed for 1994 and divorce for 2003, before dem remarry for di second time for 2005, dis second marriage only last for two years.