DR Congo Election delay afta two years delay

Martin Fayulu, Felix Tshisekedi and Emmanuel Shadary Image copyright AFP
Image example Martin Fayulu, Felix Tshisekedi and Emmanuel Shadary follow dey contest.

Vote counting dey on Monday afta Presidential election for Democratic Republic of Congowey happun on Sunday

Di first result fit land on Saturday January 5, according to election laws for di kontri.

But complain full ground say pleanti delays worri di election from say voter register no dey to electronic voting mechine wey no gree work for some areas.

Presidential election start Sunday morning afta two years wey authorities delay am.

Early morning rain dey delay votes for some areas. 21 candidates follow dey contest to be president.

Opposition candidates Martin Fayulu, Felix Tshisekedi and Emmanuel Shadary wey be former interior minister dey for top three wey follow dey contest.

About 40 million pipo qualify to follow vote for di African second largest kontri.

Image copyright AFP
Image example President Joseph Kabila dey step down after 17 years for power

Constitution no gree make president Joseph Kabila follow contest di election again, im don dey for power since 2001.

Im suppose step down two years ago but authorities shift di election wey make clock seventeen years for power.

Image example Pipo dey for line to follow vote for capital, Kinshasa

Plenti kasala tanda for di kontri since goment decide say make over 1.3 million pipo no go follow vote.

If di election waka well, e go be di first time di kontri go handover power according to di pipo vote.

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