Anambra mortuary fire: Na 'burning bush' cause di fire wey burn deadi bodi to anoda tin - Govt

Deadi bodi burning ceremony for India

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Deadi bodi burning ceremony for India

Anambra state goment say dem don start di process to identify di deadi bodi dem wey burn inside di Mortuary section for di Enugwu-Ukwu General hospital for for Njikoka local Goment Area South East Nigeria.

50 deadi burn inside di mortuary inside di fire wey happun on Saturday December 29 around 4:00pm.

Police bin say dem chook eye to find out wetin cause di fire but goment say na bush wey dey burn naim burn reach di mortuary start fire for dia too.

Anambra Commissioner for Information Don Adinuba say di Commissioner for health togeda with oda sabi pipo, patologists and morticians dey di Mortuary to chook eye, sort out di deadi bodi dem so dat dia owners go come claim dem wen dem finish.

Commissioner for Health Joe Akabuike confam give BBC Igbo say im dey di mortuary.

"We don start di identification of di deadi bodi dem wey burn beyond recognition, na DNA morticians dem go use take find out who get dem" Na so Akabuike tok.

Akabuike also tok say dem no go release any of di deadi bodi give dia owners until dem don finish wit di identification and documentation process.

Police bin also release statement before say di fire spoil tins well-well for di mortuary.

"Police Patrol team wey DPO Nimo Division CSP EGU Benjamin lead naim rush go di scene to block di place so tiff-tiff pipo no go use oppourtunity to loot."

"Dem call fire Service wey come and togeda wit local pipo dem quench di fire."

"However di fire don already spoil tins, damage di building and almost all di deadi bodi inside di mortuary don burn beyond recognition."Na so tok-tok pesin for Anambra State Command, Haruna Mohammed bin tok.