New Year eve: Burning tyre, cross over night plus oda tins pipo dey use celebrate di day for Nigeria


Wia dis foto come from, AFP

To plenti pipo, December 31st, New Year Eve and di last day of di year na day to celebrate, for some Nigerians too na day to clear out all di bad-bad tins wey di old year bring.

As traditions and beliefs plenti for Nigeria, na sopipo dey use different ways dey take dey mark di New Year.

'Burning tyre'

To burn tyre for road on New Year Eve na sometin wey many pipo no understand di reason behind am but na sometin wey dey happun wella for places like Port Harcourt, Yaenagoa and some oda cities for South South Nigeria.

According to tori pesin China Acheru, burning of tyre "na pipo own wey to produce burn fire since na celebration mood dem dey."

Acheru believe say dis tradition no go end any time soon.

Wetin we call dis foto,

For many pipo leftover food no suppose follow you enta di New Year.

No leftover food, old clothes no suppose enta di New Year

Many pipo dey arrange everi so dat na only new tins go follow dem enta di new year.

While some pipo dey throway dia old clothes, some odas dey cook new soup while some go even make new hair to enta di New Year.

Acheru say dis na so as many pipo believe say to carry old tins enta New Year na bad omen.

"For me sef e get time wey be say my mama go shave our head before di new year go start, e dey funny" Na so Acheru tok.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Christians and cross over night

Na tradition for churches to hold cross over service every 31st of December 31st

For dem, dis na day to thank God for di many tins im do for dem for di old year and to also ask am for tins wey dem want make e do for dem for di new year.

Many Christians dey light candle, plenti lights plus fireworks wit beta music inside church to celebrate.