Selfie: Too much selfie fit damage hand - Doctor dey warn

Kim Kardashian dey snap selfie. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Kim Kardashian na one of di celebs wey get 'selfie wrist'

One doctor for California don sama warning give pipo wey dey snap plenti selfie say dem fit give diasef serious wound for hand.

Dis latest health palava wey dem dey call 'selfie wrist' na wen pesin wrist just freeze and e no dey feel anytin. Sometimes, di pesin wrist go dey do am like say dem dey chook am needle.

Dr Levi Harrison wey be bone doctor for San Francisco, California tok say di number of patients wey don begin get dis kain sickness don dey increase well-well.

Popular Reality TV show star Kim Kardashian follow for one of di celebs wey announce say her doctor tell her say she get selfie wrist. Kim find out about di health condition for September 2018 just some months afta she publish her selfie book for June di same year.

Kim say her doctor tell her say no be too much selfie make her own condition but say na because she dey too hold her phone.

Dr Harrison say e beta make pipo no dey too bend dia hand wen dem wan snap selfie or make dem use selfie stick.

Anoda tin wey fit help dis condition na to dey exercise di wrist.

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