'Lipstick fit cause cancer, affect di brain and oda disease'

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"Dem rub me di lipstick during our cultural show for school, later I discover say di tin come dey cause rashes for my lips".

Dat na tori of Tolu Oke wey dey use different types of lips stick before one lipstick give am rashes for mouth.

Tolu tell BBC Pidgin say some lipsticks wey dey market fit cause skin wahala as she don experience am.

"From dat day, I begin torchlight all di lipstick wey dey market to find di ones wey be original to avoid skin problem" na so Tolu tok.

Expert say lipstick dey add to woman beauty but some women no sabi fit cause cancer, sickness and oda skin wahala.

Dem say make pipo shine dia eyes wella wen dem dey buy lipsticks sake of say e dey had to find out di one wey be fake.

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How to avoid lipsticks wey fit cause cancer and oda diseases

Ebony Nzimiro weybe expert for Zaron Cosmetics tell BBC Pidgin say "some lipstick fit cause cancer, skin irritation, allergic reactions and fit affect di brain and di heart.

Ebony list some points to epp pipo confam weda dem dey buy product wey go good for dia body.

  • Make pipo dey buy registered products like di ones wey NAFDAC don approve.
  • If you wan buy lipstick, first of all read wetin dey inside am (di ingredients).
  • No buy lipstick wey get lead, mercury, cyanide, gasoline plus glue sake of say some of di chemicals dey toxic and fit affect di bodi badly.
  • Check di ones wey get scratch card wey dey show weda na original or fake.

More facts

Mrs Uju Rapu wey be cosmetics doctor say "some lipstick fit cause rashes for body becos di producers dey use relaxer and bleach to producer am",

She say make women dey use products wey dey branded wey mean say di lipstick suppose get company name wey pesin fit trace.

"Shine your eye for di kain cosmetics wey you dey apply for your body, shine your eyes for wia you dey buy dem too" Na so she tok.


'Bad Lipstick dey gum for mouth'

Joy Nelson wey be local make up artiste say "some bad lipsticks dey gum pesin mouth wen you apply am".

"Di bad ones no dey last for lips, e fit clean up within one hour, but original ones fit last till di next day and some fit last for three days" Na so she tok.

RecheaL Afolabi anoda make up artiste say original lipstick dey shine-shine for im own wey even wen you no add lip-gloss.

She say "weda na costly or cheap one, fake one full evriwia".

Shine your eyes well becos fake lipstick packaging dey-dey very different and dia colour dey different too.

Lipstick and Cancer

Some lipsticks wey get lead dey dangerous to human health according to experts.

Research by di Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) show say plenti lipsticks get lead and oda toxic metals.

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) for America say lead wey dey for some lipsticks dey carcinogenic wey mean say e fit cause cancer.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) wey be part of World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for dia report confam too say lead fit cause cancer.

U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommend say:

  • If you get fear weda di lipstick na fake or original, call di number wey dey for di packet to hear dia response.
  • Use less: to reduce effects of lipsticks wey get lead inside, try to reduce di number of times you dey use lipsticks.
  • No allow children to play wit your lipsticks sake of say dem dey more vulnerable to di effects of lead dan adults and e fit affect how dia brain dey grow.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori