Police dey investigate how woman wey dey in coma for 14 year take get belle

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Police for Phoenix, Arizona United State of America, don begin sexual abuse investigate to find out how one woman wey dey coma for more than 14 years take get belle and who be di papa of di pikin wey she born.

Tori pipo Arizona's Family report say di woman wey dem no gree mention her name give birth to healthy baby boy on Dec. 29 for one nursing facility even as she dey coma.

One tatafo wey follow tori pipo yan but no gree make dem call im name, say none of di staff bin know weda di woman dey pregnant.

"None of di staff know say she get belle until she born di pikin."

"From wetin dem tell me, she dey moan and dem no know wetin dey worry her."

Tori be say, sake of wetin happun, di health care facility don make am tight well-well before any male staff go fit enta female patient room.

Now female worker must to follow any male staff wey wan enta female room.

Di health facility also tok say dem don already dey conduct ogbonge internal review of dia processes, protocols, and pipo to make sure say everi single patient dey safe and cared for. Dem add say dem dey committed to get to di truth of wetin happun.

Arizona Department of Health Services also don tok for one statement say dem dey also help wit di investigation of di mata.

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