Gabon coup: Goment say situation dey under control afta military bin say dem don takeover

Gabon sojas Image copyright Gabon TV

Tok-tok pesin for Gabon goment say di political situation for di kontri dey "under control."

Guy-Bertrand Mapangou tell BBC say dem don arrest four of di rebels and say di fifth one dey run.

Junior officers bin claim say dem don seize power "to restore democracy" for di kontri wia oil boku, and di president family don dey rule for 50 years.

Tanks and armed vehicles dey for di streets of di capital Libreville.

President Ali Bongo wey dey sick, dey Morocco for treatment.

Dem take control of di national radio station for early mor-mor on Monday to read short statement wia dem announce "National Restoration Council".

Image copyright Reuters
Image example President Ali Bongo

President Ali Bongo take over power for 2009. Tori be say im suffer stroke for October and dey receive treatment for Morocco.

Oga Bongo bin try stop rumours about im bodi for New Year message wia im tok say im dey feel fine.

Soldiers say dem bin dey disappointed by di message, say im just wan "gree die remain for office."

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