Kano brain operation: Secret behind first neuro-surgery wey succeed for Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital

Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital
Image example Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital

Di doctor wey lead group of five oda doctors go do di first brain operation wey succeed over di weekend for Kano, northern Nigeria don share di secret of dia success give BBC News Pidgin.

"Di reason we no fear before di operation dey simple, between di five of us, we don do about ten thousand similar operations for oda places, me personally I don do over 3000 brain operations, so di experience dey plus di goment don provide all di equipment wey we need." Na wetin Dr Shuaibu Dambatta wey lead di team tok.

Di operation wey happun for Muhammadu Buhari Specialist Hospital na im be di first for state wey get 16.3 million pipo according to the 2006 population National Census wey Nigeria do.

Dr Dambatta dey base for abroad UK wia im dey do im neuro-surgery alias brain operation work as Consultant Neuro Surgeon for Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital wit 19 years experience for medicine.

E yan say e dey come Nigeria every two months since na im company Kano goment assign to manage di facilities for Buhari Hospital.

On whether di doctor go come back to Nigeria fully to come serve im fatherland, e tok say never say never as no matter where u dey home go always dey your mind.

"To come back home totally na something wey i no fit rule out, nobody know wetin go happen tomorrow and like i tell you every two months i dey come Nigeria so let's see wetin go happun."

Image example Dr Shuaibu Dambatta

Anoda doctor wey follow do di operation, Dr Misbahu Ahmed wey be Neuro Surgeon for Federal owned Aminu Kano Hospital tok say dis successful operation wey happun na good thing for not only Kano but Nigeria.

"Our hospital no fit handle all the brain related cases wey we dey get so now wey Buhari Hospital wey be state owned don start dis kain operation, e go help us and di patients well well so that waiting list no go dey plenti again.

"Kano alone dey get up to 2000 cases of brain cancer annually and if u add pipo wey dey come from oda states, di number dey higher, so dis operation wey happen show say some pipo fit go di oda facility while some go come here so things go better for all."

Di Hospital wey dem do dis operation start work after President Buhari commission am on December 5 2017 few months afta dem finish am.

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