ASUU strike: Why Nigerian university students no dey quick graduate

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Image example Many Nigeria students support di strike because dem believe goment true true no dey put eye for education like dem suppose

Olamide Tejuoso bin don dey expect make 2019 begin.

She bin dey expect to be fresh graduate wey go begin work for one media company as trainee. Di first step to make her dream come true to become writer afta she don do four years for University of Ibadan.

But instead make she happy, di communications student dey frustrated because of di ongoing strike by di Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

Students for goment universities neva resume because of di nationwide strike till further notice of university lecturers dem.

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Di union don accuse di goment say dem no do as dem promise for past agreements to develop higher school education eg. University.

Di protest na also ontop facilities wey no dey or don spoil, money wey dem no dey get and alleged plan to increase tuition fees.

ASUU and di federal goment bin do meeting on Monday, 7 January wia Minister of Labour and Employment Chris Ngige say di two sides don get agreement. Di goment dey ready to release 15.4bn naira ($42m, £33m) to public universities.

Im also say President Muhammadu Buhari don approve 20bn naira ($54m) for release to take pay lecturers salary wey dem no pay from 2009 to 2012.

ASUU president Biodun Ogunyemi tok say di conditions go still need more tok tok by members and di strike still dey.

Dis one mean say di future of 1,239, 252 Nigerian federal university students don hook.

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Image example Di Queen of England and her husband, Prince Philip visit University of Ibadan for 1956

"E dey depressing," according to Ms Tejuoso. "As pesin wey be final year student, you get all dis plans, but you no dey see anytin come to pass."

"I suppose don graduate last December, but because of dis strike I dey limited. I no fit travel far, I no fit begin serious work as I no know wen dem go call us back to resume."

Wetin she dey do now na to write in di meantime not to dey idle and she also dey work on her final project.

Ms Tejuoso don also begin dey do training to learn how to sew, but she dey ginger to go back to university.

"We don dey on strike for two months already and e dey make our future dey one kain," she tok.

Na since November 4, 2018 na im di goment university lecturers under Academic Staff Union of Universities begin strike.

"We no know wetin go happun, because of di elections, for us to resume for February no dey sure. We no even know how our future go be." Ms Tejuoso add.

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Image example ASUU don dey go on strike almost everi year since since di kontri return to democracy for 1999.

Na to protect di future or education... and students

Union leader of di university lecturers Prof Biodun Ogunyemi, wey imsef get two pikin for public universities, say di strike na to protect di future of tertiary education, and las las di future of di students.

"We don always tell our students and dia parents say wetin we dey do na for dia own beta"

"We no wan dem to get certificates wey no go get any value, we no want dem to get education wey dem no fit dey proud of, we wan make dia certificate make sense." Prof Ogunyemi tok.

ASUU don dey go on strike almost everi year since since di kontri return to democracy for 1999.

One of job website wey popular pass for di kontri, Jobberman, bin start start by three students during di 2009 ASUU strike.

Ms Agu Uka, wey don decide to star her own online business for now say although she enjoy her business she dey worry say di time wen she dey house go seriously affect her education.

"I no know wen last I actually open biochemistry textbook."

Still, Ms Agu Uka and many oda students support di reason for di strike.

"Public universities dey really really suffer," Ms Tejuoso tok. "We need di goment to start to dey focus on our education."

Muhammadu Buhari
Di APC go fully implement and enforce wetin di Universal Basic Education Act provide for wit strong focus on gender equity for pikin dem wey wan enta primary and secondary school at di same time improving quality and substance inside our schools; to target up to 15% of our annual budget for dis important sector while we go make ogbonge investment to train quality teachers for all levels of di educational system.
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Nigeria Universal Basic Education Act wey dem pass for 1999, tok say goment go provide six years of free primary school education. Students suppose attend anoda three years of junior secondary school, wey di goment no go pay for.

Dem no mention say di number of boys and girls wey go school suppose be di same, but for Nigeria now, boys plenty pass girls - for everi nine girls for school, na 10 boys dey.

Special torchlight dey dey to to make more females go school.

Di UN education organisation Unesco say for gender mata, e dey okay if for every 100 males wey dey school, make di females dey between 98 and 102.

According to di 2016 National Education Indicators, e no even reach 1 out of 3 states wey dia gender equity for primary level dey okay. For junior secondary level, e drop to 9 states and for senior secondary level e drop even more to 3 states.

Ekiti state na im perform pass, as dem get di same number of male and female for everi level of education.

Katsina state na im no balance pass for male and female wey dey school. Na 170,000 boys take pass girls for primary education; na 43,000 boys take pass girls for junior secondary and nearly 44,500 na im boys take pass girls for senior secondary.

But if we do am as percentage of di total population of students wey dey school, Zamfara state na im worse pass. For all di levels of education, di number of male students double di number of female students for school.

Di quality of education wey dis students dey get na also mata to consider. According to di 2015 Nigerian Education Data Survey (NEDS), 44% of students for primary schools wey goment sponsor sabi read and na 74% for students wey dey private schools. For junior level, dis figures increase to 91% and 96%, respectively.

President Buhari bin promise to commit 15% of di national budget for education. But im record for for office show say more work dey ground to reach dat number.

For 2016, im goment put 8% of di budget inside education and for 2017 di amount reduce to 7.4%. For 2018 di amount na 7% of di national budget, just more dan 650bn naira ($1.8bn, £1.4bn).

To reach di 15% of national budget wey dem dey target, di president go need to more than double di current allocation to 1.3tn naira, or reduce spend money for anoda place.

Atiku Abubakar
We dey spend spend 1tn naira ($2.8bn, £2.2bn) to pay salaries for our military and paramilitary officers and men, and less than half of dat to pay salaries for di education sector.
... 12 August 2018 (Interview wit ThisDay newspaper)
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For 2018, Nigeria federal goment allocate 650bn to education, and like two-thirds of am (407.8bn naira) dem plan to spend ontop salaries

But di amount wey dem dey take pay salaries for di sector almost reach all di budget for defence and only small portion of dat money (12.2bn naira) dey go towards military salaries.

For di same year, di goment plan to spend N418bn on defence wey almost reach di money wey for di education sector dem dey take pay salaries.

Wen e reach mata of how much money go go inside soldiers dem salaries and oda staff, 12.2bn naira na im dem allocate to military salaries.

Even wen dem combine wit paramilitary salaries (164bn naira), di total dey lass dan half of wetin di goment dey spend ontop education salaries and e no even near di 1trn wey Atiku claim.

Whether dis salaries enta di hand of workers or e no enta, na anoda tori.

According to di Sub-National Salary Survey wey di joinbodi wey dey torchlight money mata BudgIT release for September 2018, at least 12 out of di 35 states tok say dem never pay di teachers wetin dem dey owe dem.

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