Cameroon Anglophone leaders: Lawyers want make dem try dem for Nigeria court

Anglophone leaders
Image example Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe wit yi lawyers for court on Thursday

Lawyers of Cameroon Anglophone leaders want make deh carri dia case go civil court for Nigeria for wusai deh bin 'kidnap' dem.

Dia case appear for court on Thursday for Cameroon, and before pawpaw debate start, deh stop de case for change magistrate and colonel Mem Michel take place for Mbezoa Epse EKo Eko.

Ambazonian leaders bin disappear for Nigeria and appear for Cameroon for January. Goment put charge of terrorism and oda crimes dem for dia head.

Defence counsel, ask court for send de pipo dem for Nigeria for normal court for check and clarify dia kontri. Deh argue say military tribunal no get pawa for say which kontri de leaders komot as deh all say deh bi Ambazonians.

Na argument for defense counsel say deh need taim for gada doki for show say deh no bi Cameroonians, make de court shift de first date for adjourn case for number 23 day for January. Na so deh finally adjourn de case for February 7.

Lead lawyer for Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe and nine odas, Barrister Fru John Nsoh explain say some of de leaders don stay for Nigeria all dia life, some na professor, some na big doctors, business pipo and lawyers. Deh bin run away from die, harm and oda tins from weh goment weh e di use force.

"All dem don deny say deh no bi Cameroonian citizens and deh must to solve dat palava. Military court no fit solve de palava, na only normal court for kontri weh deh pipo dem bin di stay go solve de problem," Barrister Fru tok.

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Image example Ambazonia pipo na for di English speaking part of Cameroon dem dey

For try de leaders dem, deh must bi sure for which kontri deh komot and na civil court for Nigeria go fit adress dis palava, till den military court no get pawa for dis mata, de lawyer explain.

"If court for Nigeria fit say deh take dem by force, deh get for turn dem back for Nigeria and e go make de whole process for Cameroon useless", Barrister Abdul tok.

Barrister Abdul and Lawyer Femi Falana report Cameroon goment for African Commission for Human and People rights for Banjul Gambia say deh Southern Cameroon leaders back form Nigeria.

As de case bin bi for court, for January 10, some parts for Anglophone regions bin di see na 'ghost' all man bin bi na for house, no activity as activist impose 'ghost town' for population say na way for show support for leaders.

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