You wan live long? Den eat dis food

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If I give you food wey go make you live long, you go chop am?

Dis food dey reduce chance of heart attack and stroke even life-long disease like type 2-diabetes.

E dey also help to keep weight, blood pressure and cholesterol down.

I gats add for here say e dey cheap and you fit get am for market.

Wetin e be?

Fibre - e no be di sexiest thing for di world but one major study don dey investigate how much fibre pipo gats chop and dem find out say e get correct health benefits.

"Di evidence dey blow mind and na game changer," one of di researchers, Prof John Cummings, tell BBC News.

Di thing dey help stop constipation - but e get health benefits wey big pass dat one.

How much fibre you need?

Di researchers for University of Otago for New Zealand and di University of Dundee say pipo gats dey chop at least 25g of fibre per day.

Dey tok say beta amount go improve health and dem tok say benefits dey for those wey fit eat pass 30g.

Which kain food get fibre?

Well, banana on e own weigh 120g but dat one no be pure fibre. If you remove everything including all di natural sugars and water, dem go leave you wit 3g of fibre. You fit get fibre inside fruits and vegetables, some breakfast cereals, breads and spaghetti wey dey use whole-grains, beans, as well as nuts and seeds.

Wetin fibre dey do for bodi?

Before, pipo dey tok say fibre no dey do anytin for bodi and say bodi no dey fit digest am.

But fibre dey make us feel full and dey help di food dey enter wella inside belle.

Why dis dey important now?

Di reason why fibre and whole-grains and fruits and vegetables dey healthy no be surprise.

Still, small worry dey say pipo no dey wan chop fibre.

Di study don also help di World Health Organization create guide wey go show pipo how much fibre dem gats chop to ginger dia health.

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Image example Fibre dey inside fruit, vegetables, wholegrain bread and spaghetti

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