Anglophone crisis: 21 separatist fighters die for army operation, but kontri pipo accuse dem say deh burn houses

Guns and phones wey army collect from separatists dem Image copyright Camerooon Army/Facebook

Cameroon Army confam say 21 separatist die inside operation for Sabongari for North West region, but for de same area for Mbot, kontri pipo dey na under tree as deh say army burn dia houses.

E nova tay as deh kill many separatist fighters around Bamenda and deh di so-so kill for oda areas.

Army write say deh go fain dia tins weh deh need di kam back for Sabongari, deh kill de separatists for trap weh deh set for dem.

Dis operation don add de number for separatists weh deh die for Anglophone crisis from 600 as Crisis Group tok.

Goment say na determination for army for put order for Anglophone regions but de population di accuse dem say deh di burn dia houses and deh no get place for stay.

De crisis for Anglophone regions di cause plenty harm for population as about 437,000 don run go oda parts for kontri, 30,000 register for Nigeria and civilians, army and fighters di so-so die for dis crisis weh e start laik peaceful request of di Anglophone regionpipo wey wan separate for 2016.

Episcopal conference don advise de two groups say dis fight fit stop with dialogue.

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