Bees don pursue pipo from Plateau State village

bees Image copyright FRED TANNEAU

Bees don pursue pipo for Gunsun village for Kanam local goment of Plateau state, north central Nigeria.

Idris Mohammed wey be Chief of Gunsun village wey confam di tori give BBC, say dem sit down around 12pm on Sunday wen dey just see bees full everywhere for di village.

Di chief add say before you know wetin dey happun, everybody don run enta bush.

"In di process of running na im many of di villagers sustain injuries infact some even break dia leg," im tok.

One of di villagers wey be Ibrahim yan say di bees also harm many of animals wey dey di village.

Villagers dey suspect say di bees come from one mighty tree wey dey near di village.

Dem add say e fit be say na small children wey dey play near di place cause di problem for dem.

While some dey think say e fit be juju wey some pipo send come di village from anoda place.

Chief of di village say something like dis don happun before for 1998 wey lead to di deaths of some of di villagers.

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