Game of Thrones season eight trailer dey sweet pipo for belle

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Image example Winter dey come for April 14

HBO don finally announce April 14 as di premiere date for di final season of Game of Thrones wey plenti fans don dey wait for since.

For di teaser video wey di network release and wey dem call Crypts of Winterfell, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark waka through di grave wey dey under dia family home.

Dem begin dey hear messages from dead family members like Ned and Catelyn Stark, plus Lyanna Stark, wey be Ned sister/di mama wey Jon neva know.

Jon, Sansa and Arya meet for di middle of di Crypt and see statues of demselves. Den, All of a suden one cold breeze just blow as if somebody wan attack dem, na so Jon and Arya draw out dia swords.

Wen fans wey don dey wait for di season 8 since since August 2017 see dis teaser, dem no fit hide dia reactions. As many dey happy say di Starks reunite, odas dey give dia own interpretation of wetin fit happun while some odas no fit wait for April 4 to reach.

Season eight go run for six episodes, less than season seven but each episodes fit run as long as 90 minutes.

Tori also tok say di final season go feature one episode wey go be wall-to-wall action, e go contain di biggest battle sequence for di series history.

As for di final notes of di story, A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin don bin promise say di tale go end wit "bittersweet" note.

Dis April premiere date go also make Game of Thrones dey qualify to contest wit oda movies for di 2019 Emmys.

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