Street beggars wey no gree hear word for Kano go land for court


Kano State goment for northern Nigeria on Monday arrest 35 beggars across di state wey dey beg for street.

Na for 2013 former govnor Rabiu Kwankwaso pass law wey ban all forms of begging for any street for Kano.

Nabahani Usman wey be chairmo of di Anti Street Begging Unit, tell BBC News Pidgin say those wey dis na dia first time dem dey catch dem dem go release dem afta serious warning, but di ones wey don commit before na straight to court dis time.

"From time to time we dey go round to arrest beggars and di troubling aspect now na say you go see plenti pikin wey suppose dey school but dia parents or guardians carri dem come or lease dem to help dem beg."

"First time offenders, we go cut you serious warning and also involve religious leaders wey go tok to dem but for multiple offenders dat one na court plus di children wey dey with dem."

One of di beggars wey speak to BBC News Pidgin yan say na lack of wetin to chop make her dey beg.

"If goment go help me with moni to start business, I no go beg again," she tok.

Afta former govnor Kwankwaso pass di bill, di plan be say every month goment go dey give those with disabilities chop moni for di state but till now dat plan still neva start work.

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