Nigeria Elections 2019: Tins you fit and fit no do wen you go vote

Millions of Nigerians voting in closely fought poll
Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigerian woman dey vote for election

Di join bodi ontop election mata for Nigeria, di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) release di regulation and guidelines wey di general election wey go happun for di kontri for 2019 go follow.

Inside di document, INEC say dem go use both Smart Card Readers (SCR) and Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) to conduct di election.

Some of di oda tins wey dey di document na:

  • Any pesin get right to vote once you confam say you be Nigerian, you be registered voter your name appear ontop di register of Voters and you present your Permanent Voter's Card.
  • As much as possible all voting location go dey inside place wey dey covered but for public place wey everybody including pipo wey dey live wit disability go fit enta.
  • Voting go dey in accordance wit di Continuous Accreditation and Voting System (CAVS).
  • Dem no go allow anybody vote for any Polling Unit oda dan di one wey di pesin register or wia di one wey INEC assign give di pesin.
  • Accreditation and Voting go start from 8:00am to 2:00pm and provided say all di voters don already dey queue by 2:00pm, dem go allow dem do dia accreditation and vote too.
  • During di accreditation process, dem go first read di PVC and authenticate di voter fingerprint wit di SCR, check di voter register before dem put ink for di pesin finger.
  • By 8:00am di Polling Officer go open di Polling Unit for accreditation and voting, allow voters enta, introduce di poll officials, polling agents and observers wey dey ground.
  • Dem go give priority to pregnant women, old pipo and di disabled.
  • Wia di voter SCR read di PVC but di voter fingerprint no authenticate, dem go ask di voter to thumbprint inside di register of voters, collect di voter phone number, accreditate di voter come refer di voter give di PO or APO wey go give am ballot paper.
  • If di SCR no pick your PVC di Assistant Presiding officer 1 go refer to di Presiding Officer or Assistant Presiding Officer who go tell you to jejely comot di Polling unit.
  • If you present PVC wey no be for di Polling Unit dem go refer you go di correct one.
  • Any pesin wey present anoda pesin PVC wit di intention to use am take vote no go fit and dem go fit arrest di pesin.
  • If di SMR continue to dey malfunction, di PO go refer up, suspend accreditation and voting until dem send new one, if dem no send new one by 2:00pm, di PO or APO go refer up, file di report, tell di voters and party agents and di voting go continue di next day.
  • Dem no go allow telephone, or anytin wey fit snap pishure inside di place gan-gan wey pipo dey vote, or say you take pishure as pesin dey thumbprint dey vote.
  • Wen di voting don end, di Presidng Officer go count di votes wey each political party get loudly for di presence of di agents and di observers.