Peptic Ulcer: Wetin pesin suppose know about dis belle sickness

Peptic ulcer fit lead to stomach cancer if dem no treat am well. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Peptic ulcer fit lead to stomach cancer if dem no treat am well.

Ulcer wey be injury for belle get different levels and types.

Afta tori land of how Nigeria musician Olusegum Osaniyi aka Lord of Ajasa dey for hospital sake of say im dey suffer for Peptic Ulcer, search ontop di sickness begin trend.

Peptic Ulcer

Dis sickness dey happun wen pesin stomach begin dey pain sotay dat pain come begin dey feel like say dia chest dey burn, na so infectious disease sabi pesin Dr Joseph Onigbinde.

According to di Doctor, Peptic Ulcer na "wound wey dey for di stomach" and dey also affect di small intestine.

"Sometimes if pesin no treat dis pain e fit lead to stomach cancer."

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Fibre wey dey inside fruit, vegetables, wholegrain bread and spaghetti na foods wey pipo wit Peptic Ulcer suppose chop according to WHO.

How e take concern Lord of Ajasa?

Alariwo of Africa wey be im fellow singer been post for instagram say Lord of Ajasa, Olusegum Osaniyi wife call am about how her husband need financial help from fellow musicians.

For inside di post, Alariwo disclose say di rappercurrently dey Ikorodu general hospital for Lagos wia im dey receive treatment.

To avoid dis kain wahala wey di sickness dey carri come, see wetin pesin suppose know:

Food wey pepper dey inside fit increase di sickness?

Studies by World Health Organization (WHO) don show say na Helicobacter pylori bacteria dey really cause dis kind sickness.

And Dr Onigbinde tok say wen pesin no chop in di morning e go worsen di situation as di acid wey dey di belle go begin to digest food go begin chop imsef.

According to am, tins like "food wey dey spicy no good at all for dis period as e go irritate di wound."

Im advice be say pipo wey get dis kind sickness no suppose drink alcohol or even smoke as most times dat kind habit dey increase di problem of di pain for di abdomen.

Symptoms wey dey follow Peptic Ulcer

Apart from di obvious one wey be say belle go begin pain, oda signs wey pesin fit experience na tins like:

  • weight loss
  • vomit
  • heartburn
  • belle go begin big
  • acid reflux

How pesin fit treat dis kind sickness?

Like many doctors don tok, anybodi wey dey feel one kind suppose quickly go see doctor.

Dr Onigbinde still add say dis kind sickness na "antibiotics dem dey take tackle am".

Another thing we de for inside dis tori