Ahmed Hussein-Suale killing : Ghana Minority call on law enforcement make dem arrest Kennedy Agyepong now-now

Kennedy Agyepong Image copyright Kennedy Agyepong/Facebook

Minority Members of Parliament dey call on police to arrest fellow MP, Kennedy Agyepong for di public instigation of violence against journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

Two gunmen kill Ahmed about 200 meters from en family house for Madina, last week Wednesday.

Dem shoot am three times, two for en chest den one for en neck inside by unknown men who dey sit motorbike top for Madina, while he dey drive go home.

Hussein-Suale be journalist wey dey work plus Anas Aremeyaw Anas under TigerEye PI, e play key role for di Number 12 football corruption expose last year den other key investigative works for Malawi.

Member of Parliament, Kennedy Agyepong last year release pictures of Ahmed Hussein-Suale after di Number 12 video expose.

He talk say "that boy be very dangerous, if you meet am for somewhere make you slap am. If he come dis place make you beat am, whatever happens a go pay...dis be en pictures, he dey stay Madina."

Dis be what dey make minority members talk say he instigate people against Mr Hussein-Suale sake of he provide Ghanaians with pictures, where he dey stay den reason make dem attack am.

"We dey call on law enforcement agencies make dem arrest Kennedy Agyepong now-now den prosecute am for en actions" Minority MP for Builsa North, James Agalga talk for di press conference.

According to di Minority dem arrive at dis call sake of per section 20(1) of di Criminal and Other Offences Act 1960 (Act 29) person wey go directly or indirectly instigate, command, advice, help or encourage criminal offence by anyone, whether dem know them or not commit criminal offence.

Despite di calls for en arrest, Kennedy Agyepong last week talk local press say he no regret en comments den publication of Ahmed Hussein-Suale en pictures.

He talk say he make ready say he go engage police officials on di matter, but before dem go arrest am, dem for arrest Anas Aremeyaw Anas too.

So far police no arrest any single individual in connection to di murder.

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