Anglophone crisis: 'Small pikin', two fighters die as army attack separatists for Kumbo Northwest Cameroon

Di village wey dem attack Image copyright Nsaikila Andrew

Small pikin weh e nova reach two years don die as bullet scatter e head wen army attack quarter weh separatists fighters bin don di control for some taim now for Kumbo for North West region for Cameroon.

Resident for Tankum quarter for Kumbo , tell BBC News Pidgin say na stray bullet kill de pikin.

De resident say deh also kill two separatists fighters for de operation weh army carry out for sharp morning around 6:00am.

Mami weh bullet also hit her dey for hospital.

Dis killing for two year pikin don make pipo for kumbo di ask wusai de crisis di go and na so social media di share de pictures.

Anoda resident for Kumbo say separatist fighter bin don di control dis quarter since. Deh di do control before 6: 00pm, stop cars take monii from pipo.

No bi de only quarter weh de fighters di control weh army attack, deh bi also dey for Tsenkar and oda quarters dem for de Kumbo.

De resident tori how separatist fighters torture wan worker for Shisong hospital and e dey now na for inside oxygen.

E nova stay weh deh kidnap de traditional ruler, For for Nso three taims and afta deh take komot from Kumbo for treat yi.

2019 Human watch Report tok how separatist fighters and army di commit abuse for de two Anglophone regions. As separatists di kidnap, kill, burn schools, na so army too di kill burn houses torture kill pipo.

E nova stay weh President Biya bin repeat for army graduation say army of finish separatists weh deh gree drop dia guns.

UN office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs say Anglophone crisis don affect 4million pipo, 1.3million need help, 473,000 run go oda areas, 30,000 for Nigeria.

BBC Pidgin tori pesin try but no get army tok-tok pesin Colonel Didier Badjeck for phone but army write for e page Honneur et Fidelite.

" Task Force for Kumbo, kill two separatists, some wit wounds run, deh arrest three pipo, one of dem witch doctor.

We take two guns and bullets, binoculars and three motor-cycles".

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