#BringBackOurTaadiGirls: Suspected Nigerian kidnappers cause outrage for Ghana over three girls dem kidnap

Ghana police re-arrest suspected Nigerian kidnapper wey break jail Image copyright Getty Images

Ghana Police Service say dem get new leads which go help connect to some other four people who dey work plus some suspected Nigerian kidnappers dem arrest for Ghana.

Ghana Police early dis year arrest one suspected Nigerian kidnapper who break jail under di watch of seven officers.

Police later re-arrest am after which he confess say he den other dey work.

But since en arrest two weeks ago, Police still no get any leads to di kidnapped girls sake of di suspect dey give dem false information.

According to Police, di kidnapper dem arrest dey give dem false information about where di girls dey as dem follow am go various locations for Accra but dem no find di girls.

Takoradi, which be di Western Regional Capital record three kidnappings last year, Police so far arrest one person in relation to di crime.

Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Redeemer Vincent Dedjoe talk journalists say "dema investigations reveal di accused den three victims other victims dey communicate more times before dema kidnap."

Police say dis man be professional sake of dema checks from en biometric details reveal say "dem convict am before for Nigeria for kidnapping…wey he run come Ghana dey do same tin for Takoradi."

Police first arrest am, but dem try arrest am again. But since di arrest, police no fit rescue di girls wey dem kidnap.

People start dey di hashtag #BringBackOurTaadiGirls as social media campaign to mount pressure on police so say dem go help rescue di girls.

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