Mine explosion: At least 13 minners don die for Ghana

Shaanzi Mining Ltd Image copyright Shaanzi Mining Ltd

Authorities confam say 14 people die for Ghana after explosion for Chinese-owned mine, Shaanxi mining affect illegal miners wey dey inside pit close to di mine.

Upper East Regional Crime Officer, Samson Agbeko wey confam di death toll say odas be receive treatment after dem suffocate due to di gases dem inhale from di blast.

BBC Pidgin talk plus one local Reporter for Upper East region Albert Sore who reveal say families of relatives flood di hospital sake of people want know of dema relations survive or not.

One survivor, Victor Nyaaba talk say "dem talk we say dem dey come blast, so I leave di mining pit wey I go hide, but when I return di smoke make full for there."

"I no fit see anything so I turn on my torchlight but still I no fit see, so I wait for like two hours but still di smoke dey thick for ground" Mr Nyaaba reveal.

Di miners receive warning say Shaanxi Company Limited dey come do explosion for dema concession, but some of di illegal miners e go be one of those normal explosions which be small.

Di miners die from suffocation after dem inhale poisonous gas from di explosion.

Meanwhile, Minerals Commission for Ghana direct Shaanxi make dem close down di mine for now, as investigation dey happen.

Police interrogate officials of Shaanxi Mining Company over di explosion, meanwhile Regional Security Council (REGSEC) dey hold meeting on di accident wey happen.

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