Skin Bleaching: Food and Drugs Authority warn Ghanaians over 41 products

Woman wey dey suffer from skin palava because of bleaching. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Hydroquinone fit destroy pesin skin

Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for Ghana issue strong warning to di public over 41 cosmetic products wey dey bleach skin.

Di Authority say these products get dangerous things like mercury, hydroquinone den steroids for inside.

Dem also direct di companies wey dey produce dis skin products say make dem recall di product s dem put for market immediately.

Head of Communications and Public Education, James Lartey reveal say "dem direct di companies wey dey produce di bleaching creams make dem recall dema products with immediate effect."

Around 2017, Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) start dey implement dema ban on skin bleaching creams after dem stop dey register products wey get hydroquinone for inside.

Sake of dis ban wey dem dey go after dis companies who dey produce den sell bleaching creams for di country.

Following dema investigations, FDA discover some eight companies who dey behind di 41 skin bleaching creams for both men den women for di Ghanaian market.

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Bleaching dey scata bladder, kidney and e fit kill

FDA say dema caution to di general public be sake of people wey use dis kain tin for long dey develop some medical complications like skin cancer, fertility problems, birth defects, kidney diseases den stuff.

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