Nigeria 2019 elections: No visa if una misbehave - UK and US cut Nigerians warning

UK and US flags Image copyright Getty Images

America and UK goment don cut serious warning give Nigerians and politicians say any of dem wey try cause gbege or Kasala for di election wey dey approach, say im and e family, no go get visa to travel enta dia kontries.

For inside Joint press statement wey di two kontries release, dem say dem no dey support any candidate for di kontri and dia only interest na for di kontri to hold free, fair and credible election.

'We and oda democratic nations, go dey pay close attention to actions of individuals wey go interfere for Nigeria democratic process or create kasala wey go affect ordinary pipo before, during, or after di elections."

"We no go hesitate to consider consequence including visa restriction for di pipo wey we find say dey responsible for violence during election wey go undermine di democratic process." Na so America tok.

Di UK say dem go join body wit di European Union to send plenti observers to chook eye wella for di election.

Dem also announce give say any politician wey cause wahala, dem no go ever get access to UK funds and dem go face trial under international law.

"Our monitors dem go dey check out any attempt to encourage or use violence to influence di elections including ontop social media."

"We go like to remind Nigerians say where UK use ear hear anything like dat, e fit get consequence for di pipo wey involve including qualification to travel go Uk." Na so UK tok

Meanwhile, all di presidential candidate for Nigeria bin don sign agreement say dem no go cause wahala during and afta di election.

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