Anglophone crisis: We no fit ignore Cameroon crisis again for we big agenda - United Nations

Cameroon refugee dem Image copyright Abine Ayah Ayah
Image example Cameroon people dem dey run from crisis from dia country

United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Allegra Baiocchi , don warn international community say attacks for civilian population for Southwest and Northwest Cameroon di increase and plenty pipo weh de crisis affect t di live for bad conditions, deh lack support as enough moni no dey.

Allegra Baiocchi, and Cameroon Civil Protection Director, Yap Mariatou present 2019 humanitarian plan for Geneva today.

"We no fit ignore Cameroon crisis again for we big agenda", Allegra tok.

De 2019 humanitarian plan need 229 million US dollars for support 2.3 million pipo weh den badly need support. Na only 40 percent for de 320million weh den get for de support plan last year.

UN di estimate say about 4.3 million pipo, mostly pikin and woman dem need live saving support.

De support di increase every year for seka fighting for de two regions plus Boko Haram attacks for Far North and refugees from Central African Republic.

Allegra say de need go fit increase for de coming years and e di worry as de financial support no di bi enough.

Dis mean say e go hard for give de support weh as den suppose to, for girl pikin dem weh deh di miss school, for seka de crisis, or for de mama weh e di struggle for feed e pikin dem or de papa weh e don loss e whole family.

Cameroon Director for Civil Protection Yap Mariatou say goment get responsibility for protect e own pipo make deh bi fain, and don dey for front for wit e national support plan wit e partners.

"Goment know say dis crisis big and we di encourage all actors for work wit we for address de needs for Cameroonian and host pipo", Mariatou tok.

UN say 437,000 pipo don run go oda areas for kontri, over 32,000 for Nigeria, 4 million di suffer for seka de crisis for west Cameroon. De bad situation also bad for North Nigeria don also make 100,000 Nigerians enta Cameroon.

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