Forces no use live bullet for protesters - Cameroon goment

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Image copyright Prime Ministers office/website
Image example Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi and Territorial Administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji wit tori pipo.

Goment count damage afta Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM "white march' for different parts for kontri and for embassies for Paris and Belgium.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, communication minister, say afta "illegal march" for Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party, CRM police arrest 124 pipo, and six get would.

"Deh arrest 62 pipo for Yaounde, 7 for Douala, 42 for Bafoussam and 13 for Mbouda, 6 get wound for Douala", Rene Sadi tell tori pipo.

Minister say "forces for law and order no use live bullets for Douala," and e colleague for Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji add say anything weh any oda pesin tok from goment e own tori na fake news.

But for social media, kontri pipo don put video as police di shoot man weh e di waka for yi front and ministers dis tok.

Atanga Nji say some "militants" climb wall for embassy for France chakarah de office, but deh succeed for send dem out and deh go face de law.

"Kamto get big problem, e don cross red line, e go soon regret, e party di risk ban and all de pipo weh we arrest go appear for court", Atanga Nji add.

Minister send warning for young pipo make deh no allow politicians mislead dem.

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy for Africa, weh na Felix arbor Balla bi director condemn police brutality for civilians weh deh no get gun.

CHRDA say de action bi barbaric and di violate dia right for peaceful protest as e dey for Universal Declaration for Human Rights and for African Charter for People's and Human Rights.

Deh say make goment stop all violations and say make forces try for be careful and measure weti deh di do.

CRM party and e supporters march for say, "no for election hold-up, for last presidential elections, for peace for Northwest and Southwest regions, for public funds as excuse for organise 2019 AFCON" as de party president, Maurice Kamto tok.

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