Onnoghen: Nigeria lawyers go avoid court for two days

NBA President Paul Usoro SAN dey address gathering of lawyers for court. Image copyright Nigerian Bar Association

Di join bodi of registered lawyers inside Nigeria say beginning from Tuesday 29 January dem no go show face for court across di kontri for two days.

Di assistant National tok-tok person for Nigeria Bar Association, Habib Lawal say di association decide to tell im members to boycott court for two days afta di president refuse to listen to all dia letters and warning.

'Everybodywey dey National Executive council say e good make we do sometin symbolic if not we no go get any court to go again'.

'Di best tin na for lawyers make dem show dia displeasure by not going to di court at all'

Habib say di association don issue press release tire and don tok tire and goment refuse to listen to dia tok.

'And to also show di goment say we get oda ways to drive our grieviance' Habib explain.

Nigerian Bar Association say dem dey avoid court to protest di suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria.

Na for dia National Executive Council meeting on Monday dem take di decision.

"During our NEC meeting, Nigerian Bar Association take decision to avoid court dem for two days for di whole of Nigeria ontop di suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria by President Buhari," na wetin NBA tok.

Justice Onnoghen dey face accuse sake of say im no declare im property before im start work as Chief Justice of Nigeria for 2017.

On Friday President Muhammadu Buhari suspend am based on di order from CCT.

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