Onnoghen: Wetin you suppose sabi about di National Judicial Council

Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen Image copyright njc.gov.ng
Image example Chief Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen

Di suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen as di Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), don make di National Judicial Council (NJC) call for emergency meeting.

Justice Walter Onnoghen wey be di kontri highest oga-di-law dey face six charge sake of say im no declare im assets and im bin dey operate some kain account too.

Na dat wan make President Buhari to suspend, wey make many sabi pipo argue say e dey wrong. Dem say according to constitution, dat na mata for di National Judicial Council (NJC).

So wetin be dis NJC work and which kain power dem get?

Wetin be di work of di NJC?

Di National Judicial Council na one of di Federal Executive bodies wey di Nigeria recognise for section 153 of di 1999 constitution.

Dem get power to recommend to di president from di list of pesins wey di Federal Judicial Service Commission give dem about who go become Chief Justice of Nigeria, di Justice dem for Supreme Court, di President and Justice of di Court of Appeal, di Chief Judge and Judges of di Federal High Court and di Judicial Service Committee of di Fedral Capital Territory, Abuja, who go be di Grand Kadi and Kadis of di Sharia Court of Appeal of di Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and di President and judges of di Customary Court of Appeal for di Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Dem dey also recommend give govnors who dem suppose appoint to occupy di office of di Chief Judge of di States and Judges of di High Courts of di state, di Grand Kadis and Kadis of di Sharia Courts of Appeal and di President and Judges for di Customary Courts of Appeal for di state.

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Since dem get di kind power to recommend judges to both di president and govnors, dem also get di power to remove dem from office and discipline officers.

Dis be di reason why many pipo feel say na di NJC suppose handle Justice Onnoghen mata and no be di right of di president to suspend am.

Di NJC dey also handle moni mata wey concern administration of di council and issues of policy.

Who and who dey part of di NJC

According to paragraph 20 of part one of di third schedule of di 1999 constitution, na upto 24 members dey for di NJC.

Di chief Justice of Nigeria na di chairman of di council, while im deputy na di next most senior justice of di Supreme Court.

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President of di Appeal court, five retired justice wey di Chief Justice of Nigeria go select from di Supreme Court or Court of Appeal go join.

Pipo wey go also follow na di Chief Judge of di Federal High Court, di President of di National Industrial Court of Nigeria, one president of di Customary court of Appeal and One Grand Kadi wey di Chief Justice go appoint from among di Grand Kadis of di Sharia Courts of Appeal.

Five members of di Nigeria Bar Association go follow join alongside two pipo wey no dey practice law but must get character wey dey gidiba wey only di Chief Justice of Nigeria go decide.

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