Maurice Kamto: CRM political party leader dey Judicial Police for Douala afta yi arrest

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Professor Maurice Kamto, Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party leader don enta for police dia hand as deh arrest e and Albert Dzongang e right hand man for Douala and oda party mimbas for Yaounde.

CRM party secretary, Barrister Ndong Christopher tell BBC News Pidgin say Maurice Kamto dey Douala Judicial police afta pipo bin di wanda wusai deh take e go.

Police also komot Celestin Djamen weh e bin di take treatment for hospital as deh shoot e for white march to judicial police, de party SG tok.

E add say Barrister Ndoki Michele weh deh shoot e too bin don comet form hospital go back for yi house.

Also for Yaounde, Alain Fogue weh na CRM party treasurer dey for Yaounde Judicial police plus oda CRM party mimbas and supporters, Barrister Ndong tok.

De drama for Douala start afta police surround Albert Zongang, Maurice kamto e right hand man e house.

Maurice Kamto bin dey for house wit Albert Zongang and na so de two no bin fit komot for house den afta police take dem away.

Deh arrest di kam afta CRM organise white march weh goment say e bin bi illegal. Deh arrest 124 pipo free some and odas still den for police cell.

For seka de march goment di accuse CRM party mimbas say dey spoil tins for Cameroon Embassy for France and just now deh close down de embassy.

Deh also enta embassy for Belgium and for America embassy pipo fear attack no open, take caterpillar block de embassy entrance.

Afta de illegal white march goment warn de party say deh go ban dem if deh continue for disturb public peace with dia protest for kontri and abroad.

Minister for Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji bin say deh no go give chance for illegal march and protesters go face de law.

Goment promise say deh pipo weh deh arrest go remain for cell till deh try dem.

As deh bin arrest Kamto and e kombi Douala bin hot as supporters bin wan block road, police spray tear gar and shoot gun.

Maurice Kamto weh e loss 2018 elections, bin start protest weh e call'am election hold-up say na yi win elections.

For Saturday deh organise white march for protest "election hold-up for last presidential elections, for peace for Northwest and Southwest regions, for public funds weh deh tief'am as excuse for organise 2019 AFCON', Kamto tok.

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