Day 18: Di Nigerian youths wey no dey vote anybodi for di 2019 elections #BBCNigeria2019
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Nigeria election 2019 : Why dis Nigerian youths no dey vote anybodi for di 2019 elections?

On February 16 2019, Nigerians go waka go press hand for paper to vote who di next president of di kontri go be.

Di campaign don hot now as di election don near ground finish, sotey if you on telly, radio or carry newspaper, na so-so tori wey consign elections you go dey see.

But all dat election mata no consign some youths for Nigeria. Dis young Nigerians tell BBC Pidgin di different reasons wey dem get wey make dem no wan use ear hear anytin about di politics wey join di coming presidential elections.

Producer: Ogechi Obidiebube