Corruption Perception Index: Ghana performance improve for di first time since 2015

Ghana Special prosecutor, Martin Amidu Image copyright President Akufo-Addo/Facebook

Ghana for di first time since 2015 record make one point gain for di corruption perception index (CPI) scores wey Transparency International release.

Di 2018 CPI scores show say Ghana chop 41 out of 100 wey di country rank the 78 out of 180 countries.

Di score according to Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), "be positive departure from di continuous drop wey di country dey experience since 2015."

GII explain say check like how di Auditor Service den Auditor General protect di public purse, paperless port system under government en Digital Inclusive Agenda den establishment of Office of the Special Prosecutor help improve Ghana en performance.

Ghana CPI score around 2012 be 45, then 2013 be 46, wey 2014 e go 48, but from 2015 e drop to 47, wey 2016 e reduce to 43, wey 2017 e catch 40 until say di country record one point gain, 41 for di year 2018.

Although Ghana perform better compared to di last 3 years, GII say di country fit do better if dem investigate, prosecute den sanction menerz wey mess up during di 2018 period.

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