Virginia Gun-in-church bill: State for America wan make am legal to carry gun go church

America church wan begin allow pipo carry gun go service Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Sen. Black no agree accept say "God go abandon dose wey dey armed".

Pipo for America state of Virginia fit begin dey carry gun go serve God for church now after 21 Republicans support bill to allow pipo carry gun enta church.

Di Republicans argue say to no allow pipo arm themselves before dem enta church be like to lead lamb to slaughter.

But for 19 Democrats wey oppose di vote, di bill to lift di ban not to allow gun for church for di state of Virginia go put risk di life of worshippers.

Before now e dey illegal for pesin to carry "gun, pistol, dagger or oda dangerous weapon without any reason go church for Virginia while service dey go on, according to di state law.

Sen. Richard Black wey wan make dem throway di law for dustbin point finger give di mass shootings wey happun for 2015 for di African Methodist Church for South Carolina and di 2012 shootings for Sikh temple.

For am because of dose two incidents "pipo dey vulnerable wen dem dey line up for church pews."

For Democrat, Sen. Lionell Spruill, di bill go mean say pipo "no longer trust in God. If any place dey to trust God, e suppose be for Church," im argue.

Di bill go still need to clear di House before e go head to di govnor desk to sign am into law.

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