Walter Onnoghen: How Nigerian lawyers comply wit order to shun courts for two days


Nigeria Bar Association say beginning from Tuesday 29 January lawyers go bone court across di kontri for two days to protest di suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria.

"We support make lawyers shun court but our customer interest come first", na wetin one lawyer tell BBC News Pidgin for Appeals Court inside Abuja on Tuesday.

Tori be say inside di 36 states of Nigeria, no be all lawyers obey di order by join bodi of registered lawyers for Nigeria.

BBC News Pidgin enta some courts for some states find out some states obey di oda while oda no obey.

Lagos state

Lawyers for Federal High Court and National Industrial Court Ikoyi, Lagos obey di order as dem no follow do any court sitting on Tuesday.

"Court session no hold today sake of say na NBA get us and we dey obey dia order". Barrister Bright Aikhegbe tell BBC

Image example Some of di Lagos lawyers wey no gree tok on camera say dia Lagos branch no give dem directive but say dem hia am for news.

For Ogudu Magistrate court Lagos, court dey in session wen our crew reach dia and lawyers dey inside court.

Dem claim say na criminal criminal case dem come treat and if dem no show face na di accused pesins go suffer.

Port Harcourt, Rivers state

Court sitting no hold for Rivers State sake of say di lawyers no show face.

Tori be say di judges show face but dem no fit hold dia sitting becos of di lawyers.

Image example Rivers High Court compound

Some lawyers wey come di area but no wan make we record dia voice say dem dey obey di oda.

Some pipo for dia do demostration for street to put mouth for di mata.


Some lawyers show face on Tuesday for Federal High Court Abuja come court but some of di judges no no do sitting except Justice Nyako.

Some of di lawyers say di NBA directive no get head as dem gaz comot to come look for dia daily bread.

Image example At about 9 am local time wen our reporter visit the Federal High Court, Lawyers dey fully robed to come ansa case for dia client.

Many of dem say first dia duty na to dia client and dat if dem get case today dem no go fit abandon di case.

For Court of Appeal Abuja, sitting neva begin wen our reporter come dia.

Tori be say activities for court premises no dey high as e bin dey dey for oda working days.


Lawyers for Kano, north west Nigeria dey observe di NBA directive wey say make dem no go court for two days after President Buhari suspend Justice Walter Onnoghen as Chief Justice of Nigeria."NBA na dem dey stand for any lawyer if something happen to am, so we need to obey them if dem direct us, as you see me for court, i just come collect date for one client wey I get." Barrister Ma'aji tok.

Image example BBC News Pidgin visit Chief Magistrate Court wey dey court road for Kano around 11am and some of di lawyers wey yan tok say dem dey follow NBA directive and dem no go work for two days in solidarity with Justice Onnoghen.

Na di same tin Barrister Abubakar tok and e also add say dem dey against wetin President Buhari do.Na di same tori for National Industrial Court and Federal High Court wey dey for di same court road as di places dey very dry without any activity.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori