Authorities don rescue woman wey trap inside lift for three days

Marites Fortaliza Image copyright Google MAPS
Image example Fire service force di lift open afta dem receive emergency call on Monday

Authorities for America on Tuesday say say dem rescue one woman wey trap inside her employer lift for three days.

Marites Fortaliza enta di lift on Friday for Manhattan wey investment banker Warren Stephens get.

Fire service force di lift open afta dem receive emergency call by 10:00 local time (15:00 GMT) on Monday. Di 53-year old dey recover for hospital.

According to tori pipo Associated Press, Fortaliza family say she bin dey dehydrated but she dey stable condition now for Weill Cornell Medical Centre.

"We see her as member of our family and she don dey work with us for over 18years " and na one of our family member follow her go hospital, dat na wetin Stephens family tok.

Stephens na di oga patapata of Stephens Inc, investment bank wey base for Little Rock, Arkansas.

How to survive inside lift wey dey trapped

  • No panic, many lift dey secure wen dem hook. Breathe in and out to calm yourself down before you take your next action.
  • Press di alarm or call button inside lift. Di alarm button dey di panel area for di elevator, press di button to call di maintenance pipo dem for di building to tell dem say you trap inside di lift.
  • Some lifts you no fit make call but if you dey inside di one wey get network den use your phone to call for help.

Authorities say Fortaliza bin trap between di second floor and di third flow of di house, for Upper East Side for di city near Central Park.

Di family no bin dey around for weekend and nobody bin dey inside di house wen Fortaliza dey work.

Dem don begin investigate di matter.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori