"Na revelation from God make me dey run for Govnor" #BBCGovDebate Rivers - Eniye Braide
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BBC Governorship Debate Rivers State: Who be Eniye Braide of di African Democratic Congress?

Eniye Braide na di Candidate for African Democratic Congress ADC wey dey contest for di 2019 Govnorship election for Rivers State.

Im be Kalabari man wey come from Bakana, for Degema local goment area and na March 7 1954 naim dem born am.

Im attend St Cyprian’s Primary School for Port Harcourt, Niger Delta Diocese School Bakana but im finish for St Michael’s School Aba.

Den im come go Government College Umuahia for im secondary school but sake of di Biafran war, im come complete am for Kings College Lagos.

From dia im go Federal School of Science for Victoria Island Lagos. As im dey wait for admission, Braide work for one year for NTA Victoria Island for dia Graphics Department.

Na Catholic University of America im do Bachelor and Masters degree for Architecture afta im return di kontri to do Youth service.

For 1983, wen Eniye Braide bin dey 27 years, im bin be di youngest member for House of Reps as im represent Degema 2 Federal Constituency under National Party of Nigeria NPN. But di 1983 coup wey happen for Nigeria come comot dem from office.

Since dat time im dey do private business as Architect for di company wey im own, Lacoste Nigeria Ltd wia dem dey design and construct house for pipo.

Im dey also follow politics as e dey happen for Rivers State and even dey write for newspaper about di way politics dey happen for di State.

Braide say na revelation from God naim make im dey run for Governor and im own campaign style dey different and unique.

Wen im see dey way oda places wey im don work and live see as tins be, im feel say “for Rivers State di mumu wey we dey do here don do."

"I no dey for partiality. I like Justice. I like equity and I get di kain experience wey be say pipo go know say new life go enter River State wen I come.” Na so Braide tok.

Eniye Braide dey among di candidates wey go follow for di BBC Governorship Debate wey BBC Pidgin dey do for 31 January, 2019 for Port Harcourt, Rivers state , South South Nigeria.