Maurice Kamto: UN, Amnesty, rights groups di condemn yi arrest and others say make goment free dem

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UN Secretary, General Antonio Guteress Amnesty International and Rights groups for kontri don condemn arrest for Maurice Kamto and e party supporters, di call make moment free dem.

Police arrest Maurice Kamto, CRM party leader weh e bin claim say na yi win 2018 elections for Douala den bring dem for Yaoundé for night.

"We di condemn violence for Cameroon embassies for Paris and Berlin, arrest for Maurice Kamto, CRM party leader and some of dia mimbas dem. Make goment respect freedom of speech, association, expression and make political actors tak'am easy", Guteress tok.

Amnesty International for yi part through e Amnesty West Central African office also condemn de arrest. "De arrest for different towns for peaceful march na for marsh-marsh right for free of expression and for gada togeda", Samira Daoud, assistant regional director tok.

"Arrest for Maurice Kamto and four of e staff dem, di show how goment di hold tight for opposition leaders, civiil rights defenders and activists". We bear witness how goment no fit bear say deh cush e instead for try fix e human rights records,make goment investigate and bring justice. Amnesty tok.

Also Civil Society Platform for Democracy, weh na Hilaire Kamga bi permanent secretary, say dey no glad at all for dis kana violence weh e di go on, as e di show dictatorship.

"For arrest Maurice Kamto and some of e leaders dem show how Yaoundé regime over strict, deh wan over show force and use of arms for make sure say weti weh e bi illegitimate go take place for weti bi legitimate" Hilaire Kamga tell BBC.

Anoda rights group, Network for Central African Human Rights Defenders, REDHAC say goment di marsh-march de laws weh yi-sef sign'am, and make parliament and judiciary investigate.

Maximilienne Ngo Mbe, REDHAC director say make goment explain shooting for Celestin Djamen and Barrister Ndoki Michele and punish deh pipo weh deh bi guilty.

Maurice Kamto, e party Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM also say de arrest for dia leaders weh deh say na for 'cut dia wings' as deh get winning coalition.

"Deh suppose for free dem as fast as possible, na violation for democracy for put political opponent for cell for political reason, Olivier Narcisse, Kamto e tok-tok pesin tell BBC News Pidgin.

About 11 lawyers go visit Maurice Kamto and odas for cell but deh no give dem opportunity to see dia clients.

Government bin condemn CRM march for Saturday say e bi illegal and say Maurice Kamto don cross red line, warn deh party say deh go ban dem.

Goment tok-tok pesin, Rene Emmanuel Sadi come release condemn action for Maurice Kamto for Paris and Berlin as deh chakarah tins dem for embassies and how dey challenge police weh e di maintain law and order for kontri.

Cameroon goment wanda why France no give enough protection for dia embassies abroad, promise for punish de pipo weh den get hand for de tins weh den spoil for embassy.

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