Nigeria 2019 Elections: Blind pipo go fit vote wit new Braille system from INEC

Pesin dey use Braille guide to vote
Image example INEC don first test di Braille voting for di 2018 elections for Osun state

For di first time for Nigeria, pipo wey no dey see well well get chance to vote inside di 2019 general elections by demsef without epp from anybodi.

Dis go dey possible because of di new "braille ballot guide" wey di kontri election join-bodi Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) say go allow blind pipo, on dia own to select who dem wan vote for inside di kontri secret ballot system.

INEC bin don do test run of di braille guide for di 2018 Osun state govnorship elections and now dem believe say e ready to roll out for di entire kontri.

Dem estimate say e go cost Nigeria goment $100,000 to do di roll out.

Image example Di Braille guide na like sometin wey dem go put ontop di paper wey show candidates so dat pesin go fit know who and who im wan vote for

'I happy well well for dis new tin'

Dis na di fifth time wey Nigeria go do general elections since di kontri return to multi-party system of democracy twenty years ago, but disabled pipo for di kontri dey always complain say chance no dey dey for dem to follow vote inside elections.

Victor Atuya wey be broadcaster for Max FM for Lagos no dey see well but im tell us say im dey hope to use dia new system to vote dis year.

"I happy well well for dis new tin. I see am as say dem don torchlight one di main tins for democracy wey be make kontri pipo fit participate for election," tok Atuya.

Image example Atuya for im work as radio tori pesin dey use Braille normal normal to read news and oda tins

Di goment dey expect say over one million Nigerians wey no dey see well well go benefit from di braille guide for di presidential elections, but some pipo dey worri say marketing and voter education on how to use di system no strong.

Atuya say di "challenge wey I see na say pipo wey no dey see well well no even know say dis braille guide dey [for dem]. Blind pipo dey rural areas. INEC get a lot of work to do, dia workers dem need to do a lot between now and wen di elections begin".

Anoda pesin wey we follow tok, David Okon, dey blind and im na member of di Nigerian Blind Association, wey don dey campaign for di braille system since 2012.

"Di challenge don always be say we go go vote not knowing who we dey really vote for. If to say we truly vote for one pesin or dat party, we no dey know. Na just assumption," tok Okon.

Image example Na BBC tori pesin Thomas Naadi wey from Ghana come Lagos to see for imsef how dis braille system go work

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