BBC Pidgin Governorship Debate: Sharp facts you suppose know about Rivers State

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Image example Rivers State cultural dressing for women

Rivers State na one of di obonge states wey dey di south south region of Nigeria and dem create am for 27th May, 1967.

Di state wey get pass five million pipo according to national population census, na im be di number five state for Nigeria wey get plenty pipo wey dey live for inside.

On Thursday five candidates go debate why dem wan be Governor of Rivers State for BBC Pidgin Governorship debate from 10am.

Dis na na seven sharp-sharp tins wey you gats know about Rivers State.

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1.Dem name am after many rivers

As di name take be, di name Rivers come from di plenty rivers wey dey di area. Plenty rivers like Bonny River, New Calabar River and River Orashi dey di state and na so so water dey di state and di tin sef dey flow enter di ocean.

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BBC Rivers debate: Empowerment and peace na im we want. - Residents

2. About 25 ethnic groups dey di state

Rivers State get different kind pipo wey dey call di state home. Some of dem be Ikwerre, Kalabari, Ogoni, Ijaw, Etche among others.

3. Oil Plenty for di state

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Oil plenty yafun yafun for di state and di tin don become ogbonge part of dia ecoomy. Plenti companies dey inside di state wey dey drill oil and service well. Di natural resource no only dey help di state get money but e dey also provide employment for di pipo wey dey live for inside di state.

4. Bole Festival

Bole and fish na popular food for River State and di Bole Festival also don become major event for di state. Evri year, Port Harcourt na home for di bole festival and pipo from around Nigeria visit di kontri to experience di joy of bole.

5. Home of Jaja of Opobo

Rivers State na di state of one of di heroes of Nigerian history, Jaja of Opobo. Di man wey go from ogbonge trader to ruler of di Opobo kingdom, rule di city on e own for 18 years and even British pipo sef fear am.

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6. Home to Ken Saro Wiwa

Ken Saro Wiwa na ogbonge writer and activist from Rivers State wey pipo respect from around di world. He draw world attention to how crude oil exploration dey affect di enviromnent of him pipo. Even though he die ontop order from for military president, him legacy still dey not only by him immediate family but across di world

7. Home to ogbonge footballers

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Former Super Eagles captain of Nigeria Joseph Yobo come from Rivers State. Yobo captain di Super Eagles to win dia third African cup of Nations title for 2013 for South Africa.

Oda ogbonge Rivers sports pipo wey shine for Nigeria na Finidi George, Taribo West, Mercy Akide and Otonye Iworima to mention a few.

8. Home of Miss World

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Image example Agbani Darego na di di first black woman to win Miss World

Di only Miss World wey Nigeria don ever produce come from Rivers State.

Agbani Darego become di most beautiful girl for di kontri for 2001 and few months later she make history as di first black woman to win Miss World.

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